There are several ways to achieve cost effectiveness in production. But our priority is to enhance the final products to attain the best quality. Firstly, we have to focus on the moisturizing ingredients cultivated in Japan.
Living in japan, I think all that we eat and come into contact with are the best. Obviously it is important to examine the actual products with our own eyes and hands. We want to see with our own eyes the ways crops are grown and being made into final products.
After that, we will work with our research team to check by trial and error. In order to determine the characteristics of each ingredient accurately, we have to repeat the process many times.
Finally, we will be able to enhance the effectiveness and quality of our products. This is a very laborious and costly process but we have the reason to do it.

Even if it is just a kind of raw material, it is an important process that becomes the uniqueness of the products produced.
Moreover, as a manufacturer, it is our mission and responsibility to produce products which are safe and with the best quality.


Deer Horn Shape Ganoderma Lucidum


Green Tea

Tanba black soybean



Sargassum horneri


Okinawa mozuku

Indian mulberry